ST-9600 automatic stripping machine

Made in:Taiwan, ROC

Model: ST-9600

Features :

  • ST-9600 Automatic Coaxial Stripping Machine is apply to the communication and RF industry for 
    all kinds of flexible coaxial cable precision machine
  • ST-9600 Automatic Coaxial Stripping Machine provides advanced rotary blade with V-stripping 
    cutting blade to make the process more sophisticated and efficient.
  • ST-9600 Automatic Coaxial Stripping Machine offers a completely function, such as wire cutting, 
    multi-stage stripping, the middle window, peeling glue and the length of stripping.
  • ST-9600 Automatic Coaxial Stripping Machine has a variety of processing data to save up to 100 
    groups of storage in hand.
  • We can deal with these problems with difficult, such as silicone high temperature-precision wire, 
    high elastic wire, precision medicine wire and high-end car wire.

Display: touch screen

Applicable wire: coaxial cable

Display interface: Chinese and English touch screen

Applicable outside diameter range: 1.0-5.5mm

Power supply: 220V50 / 60hz

Cutting length: 50mm-9999mm

Weight: 100kg

Stripping length: left MAX40mm, right end is not limited

Drive mode: motor ball screw drive

Maximum number of peeling layers: 6 layers

Dimensions: 609 690 400mm

Rotary cutting blade 2 pieces of tungsten steel cutting stripping blade 4 high speed steel

Working environment: 0-45 degrees, dry without vibration of the work surface

ST-9600 automatic stripping machine