ST-9500 Coaxial automatic stripping machine

Made in:Taiwan, ROC

Key Features:

  • Automatic Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine ST-9500 mainly for the communications industry, manufacturing (coaxial cable processing) design, wire cutting, multi-layer or multi-stage stripping can be completed. The machine uses rotary cutter rotary cutter, V-cut blade stripping, twice in the head with each other, more precise production and improve the quality of processed products, and no need to replace any blade to complete the entire range of all types and diameter of the cable processing, all processing of data can be stored in the settings file, Shiyongfangbian, simple operation.


Main Export Market:

  • Africa ,Asia ,Central America ,Europe ,Middle East ,North America ,Oceania ,South America

ST-9500 Coaxial automatic stripping machine